Calling all

Clojure Beginners 🗣

The Clouncil is a fun and friendly live call-in show for Clojure beginners to ask experienced Clojurians questions and work out problems together

Our first meeting is Wednesday, March 23 at 16:30 UTC. A zoom link will be shared in the channel #the-clouncil of Clojurians slack. Join the Zoom to get your questions answered, or just to hang out and have a good time! (You can attend without speaking or submitting a question 😊). To see prior episodes, check out our Youtube Channel

We want to help you get unstuck!

Are you feeling baffled? befuddled? flustered? flummoxed? Having trouble telling your left parenthesis from your right? Your conj from your cons?

Join us every other Wednesday at 16:30 UTC as we review code from attendees and field questions to help beginners like yourself work through issues. Show us your code, ask us your questions, and we'll try our darndest to help you get unstuck!

Let us know your issue

Use the contact form to let us know your questions or what you're struggling with, and we'll try to answer as many questions as we can during the show. Feel free to submit code, or links to code! (As long as it's less than 30 lines)

We want to pick submissions beforehand to give us a little time to prepare. If we pick yours, we'll let you know! And hopefully we'll see you on the Zoom :)

What The Clouncil is

The Clouncil is a bi-weekly Zoom meetup / show organized by a group of experienced Clojure developers who enjoy helping beginners learn.

Meetups are one hour. During that hour, we'll field your questions and work with you to help remove any walls you've been banging your head against 😅

Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly, supportive, and caring environment for people to get help learning this amazing language!

Please join us if you're a begginer with questions about writing Clojure apps, or if you just want to hang out :)


We meet every other Wednesday at 16:30 UTC. Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, July 27
  • Wednesday, August 10

Who's on The Clouncil

The Clouncil Core consists of five developers:

  • Jordan Miller

    Chief Lambda Officer
  • Paula Georon

    Graph Whisperer
  • Mike Fikes

    Self-Hosted Compiler
  • Arne Brasseur

    Head of Transducing
  • Daniel Higginbotham

    Senior Macrologizer

We also plan on having guest Clouncilors. If you're interested, please email

Code of Conduct

We follow the Berlin code of conduct. If you witness or are subject to unacceptable behavior, please reach out to Daniel via email,

The Clouncil is founded on a spirit of fun, kindness, and generosity. We think these values are especially important in a community that's centered on enthusiastically supporting beginners, folks who might feel intimidated about being novices in public with strangers.

A code of conduct allows us to translate our values into real life by making explicit how we expect folks in the community to treat each other.